Cleveland’s West Side Market

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  • A shopping list at Cleveland's historic West Side Market in Ohio City.
  • Meat being brought into the West Side Market, as seen by Cleveland photographer Barney Taxel.
  • Ohio City's West Side Market, as seen through the lens of Barney Taxel.
  • Poignant portraits of the vendors of Cleveland Ohio's West Side Market by Barney Taxel.






Hundreds of West Side Market photos are available to view at
as well as to purchase as prints for personal use, fine art, and posters. The images are also
available on this site as downloads with
licensing for personal, editorial, and commercial uses.

These photographs, celebrating Cleveland, Ohio’s West Side Market, were made
by Taxel
Image Group for the book Cleveland’s West Side Market:
100 Years & Still Cooking
by Marilou Suszko and Laura Taxel (University of Akron Press,
2012), and for the
promotion of the West Side Market’s 100th Anniversary.

The West Side Market is home to over one hundred small businesses and is one of
oldest continuously operating food markets in the country. The West Side Market is a local,
regional, and national treasure, championing great architectural design, entrepreneurism,
cultural diversity, and most of all- fantastic food.